Michael Craven
President / Producer / Director

Michael has more than 25 years experience writing, producing, directing and editing more than 700 film, video and communications projects. He leads the Craven Films team, bringing significant creative and organizational skills to all our work. Michael has a great deal of technical knowledge on video production, post-production, and the web, ensuring that projects are of the highest technical quality; he also offers our clients perspective on their projects, helping them consider the big picture in reaching out to their audiences, optimizing all aspects of each project - from concept to completion - to maximize each program’s appeal and effectiveness. Michael’s work has been honored in many festivals.

Penny Craven
Vice President / Production Manager / Writer

In addition to writing and other creative services, Penny oversees all our productions and projects, handling budgeting, planning, research, and administrative work at Craven Films. Penny‘s work ensures that our clients get excellent value for every dollar spent. She proactively keeps in touch with all our clients, keeping them informed of the status of all work, helping to avoid delays or other problems. Penny is always available to listen, to make suggestions, and to suggest creative options to help clients accomplish their goals, on-time and within budget.

Ernest Barbieri

Vice President / Director / Writer

A key member of our creative team, Ernest has worked on hundreds of film, video and multi media projects for a wide and varied clientele. Beginning as a technician, handling sound, camera and video duties, Ernest worked his way up to write, produce and direct projects ranging from television and radio public service announcements to longer training, marketing and informational programs. Ernest is particularly skilled at bringing together different aspects of a subject, ensuring that promotional, informational and training programs are seamlessly integrated. Films and video programs written and produced by Ernest have won multiple awards in a number of film and video festivals.